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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Merge Collector "Bullet" Assembly


merge colletor


VIDEO TUTORIAL: 4-1 Slip-On Collector Fabrication


slip on collector


VIDEO TUTORIAL: 2-1 Slip-On Collector Fabrication


slip on collector 2 in 1


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Muffler Bracket Assembly


muffer bracket assembly


VIDEO TUTORIAL: U-Bend Cutting Fixture


U-Bend Cutting Fixture


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Using the Collector Alignment Tool


alignment tools


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Custom Muffler Construction: Louver and Perf Assembly


louver custom muffler assembly


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Shortening a Cone to Your Dimensions


shortening a cone


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Manipulating Collector Outlet


manipulating collector outlet


Dyno Results:
Cone Engineering Conical Merge Collector versus
The Other Merge Collector
merge collector graph

How To Use:
How to Use the Cone Engineering
U-Bend Cutting Fixture
motorcycle U-bend fixture

Assembling a Weld-On Cone Engineering
Conical Merge Collector

conical merge collector

Assembling a Slip-On Cone Engineering
Conical Merge Collector

slip on conical merge collector

Designing and Building Custom Headers
Get an inside look at how a professional fabricator goes about designing and building a set of custom V8 headers
building custom header

Oval Muffler Sample Designs
A peek inside at some popular designs for oval muffler internals
oval muffler designs


Selecting the proper collector outlet for maximum performance
motorcycle collector outlet

Designing and Building a Motorcycle Header



Choosing a Motorcycle Muffler

Sound versus Speed

“Does a loud exhaust really equal greater performance?”





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