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cones and megaphones

Cones, megaphones, transitions, reverse cones, funnels or any other name you want
to call them.  Large, small, long or short - Cone Engineering makes so many cones you can hardly count them.   For over 35 years we have been the best in the business and have helped thousands of customers.  Let our experience help you find what you are looking for.

Cone Engineering stocks a huge assortment of cones in the most popular sizes and materials: 


Click here for Stock Parts >> Cones and Megaphones: Prices and Specifications

If you checked our list of cones and didn’t find your cone, here is a tip.  You can create your own semi-custom cone by modifying a stock cone. 
To get started, click here >> Cone Calculator

If the cone you are looking for needs to be exactly to your dimensions, then we can create a custom cone to your exact specifications.

Click here to complete a request for a custom cone >>  Custom Quote

Prices for custom cones may vary but the general estimate for rolled and welded cones are $250 plus the cost of material for up to 4 finished cones. Cones that are rolled but not welded, the estimate is $150 plus the cost of material also for up to 4 finished cones.  



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