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BMW "Airhead" Mufflers




tubing and bends

Header Builder Kits

Street cars, drag cars, sprint cars, oval racers, salt flat, boats, planes, trains or automobiles! The only limit is your imagination! We surveyed a number of our professional builder wholesale customers and got their recommendations on the best combination of bends to offer. In each kit you get a wide assortment of bends and will save money versus buying bends individually. Our 100% mandrel bent header kits are built from high quality, thick-wall 16 gauge (.065”) OD tubing.
Available in Mild Steel and 304 Stainless Steel!

V8 Basic Builder Kit
Our Basic kit includes enough bends for the average builder to create a full set of V8 or even V10 headers. Or build a set of V6 or Inline 6 with enough leftovers to share with a friend or save for a future project.
Click here >> V8 Basic Header Kit: Prices and Specifications

V8 Deluxe Builder Kit
The Deluxe kit includes everything in the Basic kit along with a set of 60 degree bends that are available only in our deluxe kit!
Click here >> V8 Deluxe Header Kit: Prices and Specifications

V8 Dual Turbo
This dual turbo designed kit is planned to get your collectors up in front of the engine for better flow and space availability. Combine it with an assortment of flanges and even v-band clamps to best suit your needs.
Click here >> V8 Dual TurboHeader Kit: Prices and Specifications

Inline 4
This kit might be small and have fewer bends but it still gives you enough parts for standard inline 4 cylinder engines.
Click here >> Inline 4 Header Kit: Prices and Specifications

Aircooled VW Turbo Kit
This base kit was designed for Sedan drag cars but can be used for sandrails, buggies, bajas, or just about anything else using an aircooled VW engine! Customize your kit by selecting various tube diameters, cylinder head flange dimensions, turbo flanges and collector dimensions. Choose Mild Steel or 304 Stainless Steel.
Click here >> Aircooled VW Turbo Kit: Prices and Specifications

Lakester/Line Fire Headers
The hottest exhaust on the market, our kit offers what you need to build your own traditional roadster headers. To the basic bend package add cylinder head flanges, a variety of cone choices, muffler inserts, even muffler cut-outs are available! We have Mild Steel and unlike anywhere else – 304 Stainless Steel!
Click here >> V8 Deluxe Header Kit: Prices and Specifications

Individual Bends, Tubing and Accessories

Accessory Components
A variety of accessories such as O2 bungs, Formed Turbo Transitions, Slip-Fit Collector Retainers, V-Band Clamps and more.
Click here >> Accessories: Prices and Specifications

Straight Tubing
We have both 18 gauge and 16 gauge tubing to meet a variety of your fabrication needs.
Click Here >> Straight Tubing: Prices and Specifications

180- , 90-, 45-, and 18-degree Mandrel Bends
Various sizes of diameters and radius in case you don’t want to buy a whole kit or you just want to add a few extra pieces.
Click here >> Mandrel Bends: Prices and Specifications







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