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Motorcycle components


At Cone Engineering we specialize in motorcycle exhaust components, not finished exhaust systems for a particular year or brand.

The following pages feature a selection of our most popular exhaust components generally used in motorcycle applications, cone exhaust stuff will provide you with the right specification.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in these sections, don’t despair, check the main portion of our website.  There you will find a complete listing of all our exhaust components.

What you won’t find here are off-the-shelf, bolt-on exhaust systems like you would order from a catalog or buy at a swap meet.  Our purpose is to be a source for fabricators, providing products that help them create something unique and different.  And they aren’t just for pros; our products suit the professional working out of a large shop or from a small shed, but likewise the enthusiast or racer working from their own garage.  What everyone has in common is the need for high-quality components to make their task easier!

And our components know no boundaries!  They serve every portion of the market, from the resurrection of bikes 100 years old to current era road racers; vintage moto to dirt tracker; a stripped down rat-bike bought at impound to high-buck full-custom one-of-a-kind builds – beauty is in the eye of the builder!  But you name it; our components fill the bill!

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You’ve made 100 phone calls to everyone you can think of and you still haven’t found a header for your 1966 Sears Allstate Puch Twingle.  What do you do?  Well after you are done crying, man up.  (Or girl up…)  Plug in the saw, connect the grinder and fire up the welder!  Then order some mandrel bends in stainless steel or mild steel and build your own brand new header!  And the best part is you can usually design your new header even better than the factory original!  Maybe you could even build that ultra rare Twingle Scrambler exhaust that you once saw!

Click here >>Mandrel Bends: Prices and Specifications


For those of you with multi-cylinder engines, instead of standard multiple 1-into-1 exhausts you could build a 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 4-2-2, 4-2-1 or whatever you else you can dream up!  From over 100 different collector dimensions, configurations and materials in stock we have narrowed down the options a little to those most commonly used in motorcycle designs.  For more choices try the main collectors tab from the home page.

Click here >>Collectors: Prices and Specifications


We now offer several choices of pre-fabricated slip-on mufflers in both traditional and more modern styles.  We’ve designed these for the most popular styles bikes we find being built today.  Our traditional cone/reverse cones megaphones (or megas for you Brit-speak enthusiasts) have an inlet diameter that matches the outlet diameter for good sound and easier tuning.  They work well on a café racer, road racer or bobber.  Our newly developed “Max Performance Series” mufflers allow you to transition from a smaller header to a larger muffler outlet diameter – great for modified or high performance street or race bikes.

Check out our new “Mini Megas”.  These small megaphones with 2” diameter fixed cores are great for a very minimalist look such as bobbers or naked bikes.  Instead of running a bare header try one of these megas to give a finished look and better sound to your bike.

We also have our “Stubbies Cans”, a 6” long, 3” round muffler with 2” throaty cores give an aggressive “street-fighter” look.

Another choice is our radical slash cut megaphone with an integral 2” core.  This gives a ”sport bike” look but we have all seen it used on vintage “street tracker” type builds where it looked amazing!

  How about a few final choices?  The ever-popular “Chopper Cone” or “Cocktail Shaker” in bright polished 304 stainless steel will last you much longer than the cheap chrome versions that seem to be the only choice these days.

  And last but not least, is a flat out mild steel max diameter race muffler.  A unique twist is the conical interior that lets you choose to run it either as a megaphone that increases from a 2.50” inlet to a 3” outlet, or for a little more back-pressure and reduced sound level you could run it from a 3” inlet to a 2.50” outlet.

Except for our mild steel “max race muffler”, all our muffler products are built using 304 grade stainless steel for durability, quality, great looks, and long life.  And most importantly, every muffler we make is based on our over 40 years of experience in building products for the motorcycle aftermarket exhaust industry!

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Click here >> Video and Sound Clip of Megaphone Mufflers

Click here >> Have a bracket assembly welded to your muffler

Build Your Own Mufflers and Megaphones

If our pre-fabricated muffler choices are too limiting or you just couldn’t find the proper dimensions, then we still have options for you.  With over 150 bare cones in stock to choose from, and hundreds of internal muffler component internals you have to be able to find something to stimulate you! And remember that our components are very flexible, you can often manipulate our basic parts to give many more options - cones cut in half become heat shields, the same with collectors, louver cores can become exhaust tips - the only limit is your imagination!

Click here for Stock Parts >> Cones and Megaphones: Prices and Specifications

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Exhaust Accessories

Along with the main components you may also need clamps, spring tabs, mounting tabs, heat shield tabs or other items.  You can also find these listed on the link below.

Click here >> Motorcycle Exhaust Accessories: Prices and Specifications


Consider your needs and you make the call!



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