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BMW "Airhead" Mufflers




Merge Collector Components
Get complete Merge Collector Performance
with weld-in Bullet Assemblies

Adding our signature merge bullet to your primary tubes improves flow by helping the exhaust gases smoothly merge from four separate pipes into the single outlet of the collector. That's how the "merge" collector got its name.

Sure you could try and make merge bullets yourself but when you consider the engineering and time it would take to recreate them, you'll find that they're cheap even at twice our price! And once you combine them with a Cone Engineering collector, you'll find that our design sells for a fraction of the price of a traditional bend/cut/weld merge collector-and you are still getting the same level of performance!

You can choose our original individual merge bullet vanes that you weld together yourself our new one-piece cast stainless steel merge bullets.

  • The weld-yourself bullets are less expensive and allow you to customize to your application in case you have some unusual fitment issues.  Each tube diameter has its own specifically sized merge bullet vane.
  • Our new one-piece cast design fits primary tube dimensions from 1.50” up to 2” and eliminates the need to weld the individual bullet vanes together - very beneficial if are building large volumes of headers in a production environment.  And the price of the cast piece is far less than buying a fully welded bullet made from individual bullet vanes!

These stainless steel bullets will weld to mild steel with no problems, we have chosen to offer them in SS as there is not a significant price difference over mild steel, they function identically, and they last longer on the shelf without rusting.

Click here >> Merge Bullets: Prices and Specifications


Cone Engineering TurboStars have been specifically engineered to fit the gap where primary tubes join.  They are designed to fit across the space and still leave half the tube wall diameter for a weld surface that won’t impede or distort the air flow in the primary tube. 

Consider your current method for closing off this gap and then realize how much time TurboStars will save!  And TIME = MONEY!  As a free bonus, they have a much more professional finish appearance than other popular ways of closing this space.
Click here >> Turbo Stars: Prices and Specifications

Slip-On Merge Collectors

Using our components you can build a full merge slip-on collector for a fraction of the price as buying a completed collector.
Or, spend $400 on an old-style merge collector?  You decide…                  

With our components you get the same performance and save tons of money just doing the fabrication yourself!  You built the header, surely you can do the collector too!  Choose Mild Steel or 304 Stainless Steel in sizes to fit primary tube diameters from tiny little 1.125” to huge 2.625” diameters!

To find out how to create your own slip-on Megs Conical Merge Collector, just follow the link below.
Click here >> How To Build a Slip-On Cone Engineering Conical Merge Collector

TECH TIP: Read how to build Cone Engineering Conical Merge Collectors
Collector Alignment Tools

Building a set of headers is much easier when you know where you want them to connect to the collector. In the old days you would take your collector, tack a piece of bar stock to it and then position it where you want to end up. It works okay except you might screw up the collector and you can’t slide a piece of tube through the collector to get the length just right.

We have come up with a better method! Use one of our Collector Alignment Tools and your collector stays clean until you are ready to weld it on. You can slip a piece of tubing all the way through the tool, mark a clean line, then cut it off to just the right length. When you header is complete you mark the final length, tack them together, remove the tool, and make you final cut. From there you can add a merge bullet TurboStar or freehand it.

Alignment tools are available for 5-1, 4-1, 3-1 and even 2-1 collectors for either Weld-On or Slip-On collectors.

Weld-On Collector/Header Alignment Tool – Matches the centerline of our weld-on collector.

Slip-On Collector Header Tube Alignment Tool – When you build a slip-on collector you actually use a collector one size larger than your primary tubes. Because of this you want to space your primaries just the right distance apart so that the collector will slip on without binding. Our Slip-On Collector Header Tube Alignment Tool has been sized to hold your primary tube with just that slight gap so everything is perfectly straight.

Slip-On Collector Alignment Tool – When building a slip-on collector we recommend using a combination of two different size tools. One to align the primaries and one to weld the slip couplings into your collector. Doing so helps to ensure that both parts start off square.

AND REMEMBER – all the collector alignment tools are reusable! Use them on your next project or share them with friends!

Click here >> Collector Header Tube Alignment Tool: Prices and Specifications

Cut it right the first time and every time!

U-Bend Marking and Cutting Fixtures

This latest tool helps you to measure and mark u-bends so that you know exactly the angle you are cutting.  Lets you make repeat cuts consistently and accurately.  Always makes sure you are cutting the tube straight across the tangent so that you have a round tube rather than an oval that happens when you don’t make a straight cut.  Helps you figure out and reuse all those leftovers you have hanging around too! 

Click here to find out more on how to use>> How-To: Using a U-Bend Cutting Fixture

Click here >> U-Bend Cutting Fixtures: Prices and Specifications

Exhaust Accessories
Along with the main components you may also need clamps, spring tabs, mounting tabs, heat shield tabs or other items.  You can also find these listed on the link below.

Click here >> Slip-on and Weld-on Collector Exhaust Accessories: Prices and Specifications



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